I moved back into my childhood bedroom to set up my dream shoe business ¨C now it¡¯s made ¡ê350k and amber turner is a fan ¨C the sun The sun, a news uk companycloseyour suneditionsnews corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services.Follow the sunthe sunnews corpservicestopall football21 oct 2019, 9:31Updated:21 Oct 2019, 9:3410 When florence ledwith s lease came to an end at her rented home in essex, she had two options:Find somewhere else to live asap or finally take the plunge and set up her own business. Having only just turned 22, the budding entrepreneur did the total opposite of all her peers and moved back into her childhood bedroom where she created her shoe brand envy. 10Florence ledwith set up her shoe brand Envy when she was just 22Credit:Florence ledwith Less than two years later, florence s flourishing shoe company has a turnover of ¡ê350, 000. Last week, the brand celebrated their second collaboration with towie star. Florence, 24, spoke to fabulous digital for our #bossingit series devoted to ordinary women who have launched incredible businesses. Discussing her discussion to move back into her parents home in kimbolton, cambridgeshire, florence said:It felt like a now or never moment.I d always wanted to run my own business and it felt like the right time. 10 The brand has Boys Light Up Shoes just launched their second collaboration with Amber TurnerCredit:Envy shoes After graduating with a degree in fashion communications from northumbria university, florence worked in social media marketing for iconic beauty and was saving up for a deposit on a flat in essex. As a teenager and throughout her fashion communications degree, florence had always had part-Time jobs in restaurants and fashion boutiques and managed to save ¡ê15, 000 in six years. Although she was looking to Buy Roller Skate buy a flat, florence couldn t shake the feeling that she would be better off investing her hard-Earned cash in her dream business-And had no doubt that she d make it a success. She said:When envy came into the picture i decided to put all of my money into that instead. It was risky but at the time i really believed it could become something amazing. I literally put my last penny into it.There was no doubt in my mind that it wouldn¡¯t work. 10 Florence invested the ¡ê15k she saved over six years into her businessCredit:Florence ledwith That said, setting up a business from her bedroom didn t come without its challenges. Before launching, florence had to source a supplier to design her shoes, find somewhere to package her products, create company branding and set up a website-Not to mention create a following on envy s all-Important social media channels. She said:When i started, i didn t have a desk or anything.I literally just had my laptop and worked from my bedroom. In the early days, florence was working from the comfort of her bed before she turned a corner of her room into her home office.And a very instagrammable one at that. When i started, i didn t have a desk or anything.I literally just had my laptop and worked from my bedroom Before envy even launched online, florence knew that instagram was going to be her greatest marketing tool. She said:I actually set up the social media account before the website to try and build up a following first. In the first few weeks, envy only had 100 followers, the majority of whom were florence s pals. The entrepreneur largely posted inspirational images to give customers a feel for the brand, including pictures of perfect manicures and plush furnishings. 10 Two years on and Florence still works from her bedroom-Although she hopes to move back to essex and get an office next yearcredit:Florence ledwith Once florence started getting samples back from her suppliers, she then began to tease followers with the brand s stock. She continued:Once we had the stock, we were teasing with pictures of the shoes and launched the website. It meant when we set the website up we already had some kind of a customer base. Better still, florence would even model the shoes at home in her bedroom with her older sister connie, 29, taking the photos on her phone. Within a couple of months, envy s instagram reached 10, 000 followers which allowed florence to start sending her shoes out to influencers for added exposure. 10 Envy started off posting aspirational images onInstagram before it launchedCredit:Instagram And it s thanks to instagram(And the brand s 120, 000 followers)That one of envy s most successful heels became such a hit. Although florence works closely with her designers to make her visions a reality, sometimes it all comes down to her gut instinct. That was certainly the case with the brand s melissa heels:A ¡ê35 iridescent snakeskin design with diamonte high heels. Florence recalled:The melissa heel was one where my supplier said don t do it, we ve got other better stuff here and but i thought they were really cool and that they d do well. Like with all her new designs, florence ordered 300 of them from the warehouse and was blown away when they sold out overnight. 10 The brand s Melissa heels are its bestsellerCredit:Instagram Melissa rainbow snake perspex diamante heels, ¡ê26.24 from Envy- 10 Amber Turner has also turned their Demi heels into a bestsellerCredit:Envy shoes Demi perspex heels, ¡ê29.99 from Envy- She said:I literally couldn t get enough of them.They went crazy. I put this one video up on instagram and it got reposted onto a shoe appreciation page and it went crazy. A few months later, florence filmed a quick video from her bedroom to inform her followers that the melissa heels were back in stock. I was looking at this video and thinking maybe i won t post it, not expecting it to really do much, florence said.It then got reposted on a shoe appreciation instagram page and has had nearly 500, 000 views. And thanks to amber turner s support, the brand s bejewelled perspex demi heels are another cult favourite. Although other reality stars such as lauren pope, olivia atwood, georgia steel and elma pazar are fans of the brand, asking amber to be the first to collaborate on a collection was a no-Brainer for florence. 10 Florence and Amber at the launch of their second collaboration last weekCredit:Florence ledwith I ve watched towie for a long time and i ve always loved amber, she said.She s sassy, she s firey and she always looks very well put together. Florence first reached out to amber about collaborating on a collection in april this year-Just two months later, the star s selection of summery heels and sandals were live on the site. Recalling their first meeting, florence said:I already had all the styles i thought could work and amber would straight away say yes, no or maybe. We re always on the same vibe.Generally if i like something then amber loves it too. But other than getting those first few sales and finding out one customer had worn her shoes on her wedding day, florence s biggest pinch me moment was shooting out in ibiza for amber s summer collection. It was amazing to see how far i d come, she said.Less than two years ago i d be shooting all the pictures in my room-This made us look like an established brand. 10 Florence wanted Amber s second collection to have a range of the star s go-To stylescredit:Envy shoes Last week, amber s second collection went live on the website and includes some more everyday pieces as opposed to the brand s best-Selling uber glam heels. Florence added:It was really important to me that she had things in the collection that she had stuff she wanted to wear. Whether that was for dinner, the airport or whatever.That these would be her go-To shoes. But before we all hand in our notice at work and launch our own online fashion brands, florence s journey hasn t been without its struggles. While she might be a hugely successful businesswoman at the age of 24, florence hasn t paid herself a wage since she founded the brand. In other words, she s only been paid in shoes for the past two years. She explained:Every penny that comes from every sale goes back into the business. A Isharefashion post shared by(@envyshoesuk)On jul 29, 2019 at 11:29am PDT A post shared by(@envyshoesuk)On aug 1, 2019 at 1:29pm PDT A post shared by(@envyshoesuk)On jul 22, 2019 at 11:30am PDT It goes into marketing, stock, designing the collections. Whilst that is my personal decision, it means that when marketing or a new campaign doesn¡¯t do as well as i hoped, i don¡¯t have anything to fall back on, so every investment choice is a risk and i have to make it work. It s been the best decision for me but i ve had to completely cut back my own lifestyle.I m hoping next year is the year i give myself a wage, get a warehouse and get some employees on board. However, she s adamant that the brand would not be where it is now if she wasn t working for free. Florence added:I could have paid myself but i would rather keep building the business-I m looking more into the long-Term and doing that with amber has propelled us into the next stage of our business. And even though she loved driving her mini around essex, florence made the practical decision to swap it for a less trendy van to transport stock around when she founded the brand-But hopes to move back there next year when she finds a warehouse and a new office. She said:I was in a really fortunate position-I didn t have to be worrying about rent living with my parents and i don t have any children to provide for or a mortgage to pay. You can shop amber turner s collection for envy. Florence s top tips for starting a business: If it¡¯s something you¡¯re genuinely going to put 100% into, and go through all the ups and downs the business will have to throw at you, then do it. You have to be relentless, and stay motivated as the brand won¡¯t get to where you want it overnight. Try not to compare yourself to other brands, a bit of competition is healthy but don¡¯t compare your chapter 1 to their chapter 20. 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